Cube Funds interviews Itus Capital – Top-performing PMS from India

Cube Funds is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that helps connect Global Allocators with the best performing money managers from fast-growing Emerging markets of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Bangladesh. We take away all the traditional operational inefficiencies plaguing global investments and help investors discover and invest with the best money managers with great ease and speed!

In our constant search to work with the best of the best in the Indian Fund Management space, we partnered with Itus Capital to help Naveen Chandramohan, the CIO and Principal, to scale the Itus PMS strategy to the global scale using the FPI route from Mauritius.

Listen to how Naveen, having already worked with an FPI before, believes Cube Funds has a “compelling value proposition” for all fund managers who think like him.

30+ MONEY MANAGERS in the investment management and advisory segment with AUM from a few million dollars to over billion dollars already trust Cube Funds. USD 150 million has already flown through the structure.

Cube Funds is the world’s first marketplace connecting global investors from 50+ countries with the best money managers across the fastest growing emerging markets.

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