Listen to how Wright Research is servicing global investors using Cube Funds

Cube Funds is a one-of-a-kind SaaS platform that helps fund managers and investment advisors open up their local equity/debt products to global investors. The platform handles everything from onboarding of the foreign investors to USD reporting and from the subscription to the redemption of assets. We take away all the additional overhead of running the fund from you and this helps you focus on your core competencies – Research & Investors.

As we constantly look to partner with high-performing and astute fund managers and investment advisors, one such fund manager, Wright Research, decided to partner with Cube to open up its quant-based strategy for global investors.

Let’s hear from Sonam Srivastava, the founder of Wright Research on her thoughts about her fund, performance, and how Cube Funds helped her expand her local strategy, global.

30+ MONEY MANAGERS in the investment management and advisory segment with AUM from a few million dollars to over billion dollars already trust Cube Funds. USD 150 million has already flown through the structure.

Cube Funds is a full-stack platform for emerging market money managers to raise capital from investors of 50+ countries without the need to setup their own offshore fund

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